Robert Blakely

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About Me:
Born on July 19, 1969 in El Paso, Texas 

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Direct Marketing Specialist:
Do you need help with scripting or rep training?  I can easily take a look at the daily operations and find out exactly which changes need to be made to increase your marketing efforts!

* Over 15 years of experience and have had 100% closing ratios in the deregulated energy markets!

Internet Marketing:
Do you need help with your marketing online? I can easily take a look at your marketing efforts online and help point you in the right direction to start collecting more leads and sales!

* Over 15 years of experience my first website I built was before we had the option of video! Did I just age myself? ;)

Video Creation:
Do you need help with some video creation? 3D Avatar, Kinetic Animation, White Board Animation, and even Intro and Outros for your Logos!

Lets get you BRANDED!​​​​​​​

* Over 200 videos created for personal and clients! 

Graphic Creation:
Do you need some graphics for your business? As you will see I left Fiverr with a 5 STAR rating ...

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Do you need help with your business ins and outs?  I can easily identify your weak links and train your management how to interview for the best results! I have the perfect ending question for any prospect!

My favorite project has been with Lenny Greene of Greene Concepts​​​​​​​

* Over 1,000 people hired and worked with over 10 - Million +  dollar companies!